Dear Students

Each day is a chance to invest in life, a chance to renew yourself, to unburden yourself, to get  rid of yesterday's hurt, to start with the idea that nothing is impossible, to discover ways for uplifting yourself and to be glad of life. Let's utilize each day to its fullest. The world is before us and we must willingly create a new dream or vision for ourselves is a statement of  belief in our potential.

With Blessings 


Leadership Messages

The dynamic leadership of Ms.Asha Jain, Chairman of Asha Modern International School Society, Mr. Bhavya Jain, Chairman and Asha Modern International School ensure that the most challenging educational environment is provided to the children. Their vision and enthusiasm define Asha Modern International School to stay in the forefront, keeping its ideals intact, and providing value education, thus setting world standards in the field of education...



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