House System

To instill in children a sense of belonging, team spirit, co-operation & healthy competition the school is divided into four houses:-
HAPPINESS- happiness held is a seed; happiness shared is a flower.happiness is liking what you do
  JOY- joy is not in things; it is in us......shared joy is a double joy
PEACE-- share peace to generate more peace....peace begins with a smile.
PURITY--heart filled purity endows a beautiful mind......

Various inter-house competition like debate, drama, dance, song, speech, drill, march past etc. are organised from time to time.

Leadership Messages

The dynamic leadership of Ms.Asha Jain, Chairman of Asha Modern International School Society, Mr. Bhavya Jain, Chairman and Asha Modern International School ensure that the most challenging educational environment is provided to the children. Their vision and enthusiasm define Asha Modern International School to stay in the forefront, keeping its ideals intact, and providing value education, thus setting world standards in the field of education...



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